Building Customer Loyalty Through Brand Equity

What emotion do your clients experience once they communicate with your organization? What impression do you and your employees, internal systems and merchandise make in your customers and partners? What’s the essence of the company which will stand the ages?

Within my BLASTTM Marketing System, I spend considerable time teaching entrepreneurs the significance of creating both a company along with a personal brand to aid their business. A brandname is produced using a number of different marketing messages, images and touch points and goes beyond your emblem, websites and brochures. It’s about emotion and thought. When customers hear your company name what one thinks of? What’s the lasting impression? For instance, whenever you consider FedEx, what one thinks of? What about “Whenever you absolutely need to get it there overnight” and did the large plane they will use on their own commercials play your mind? Or when you’re speaking having a client and you have to overnight something are you just instantly saying, “I’ll FedEx that for you” as if FedEx is really a verb?

What about Wally Disney? What one thinks of? What’s the lasting impression? What about “Most joyful put on earth” or even the word Magic? Disney went of his method to leave an enduring impression and to produce a realm of fantasy, happiness and imagination and everything about Disney, supported that impression. Basically start singing “I’m stuck on Band Aid Brand because…Are you able to finish the saying? Are you currently singing “Because Band Aid’s stuck on me” Then chances are you even are remembering a tale possibly inside your childhood whenever you used Band Aid’ product.

When companies have effectively associated with their clients and live and breathe every moment meant for that connection, happens when they’ve created a brandname – a psychological element linked to your organization, its people, its process and every one of its points among that support that emotional connection. What are what exactly among? Simply, anyway your organization touches a customer or potential client. It may be your people as well as their behaviors, your internal systems – technology, invoices, phone, website, etc. as well as your exterior systems – your products, the way the method is delivered, your marketing as well as your customer support. If this connection happens, your clients become faithful to your brand.


Agatha Correia Pinto, a social media strategist, shares actionable tips and strategies for successful social media marketing.

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